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STENCIBILITY 2020: 12-22.06

Due to COVID-19 we have modified the program so that this year we're hosting local artists only and have cancelled the public events, including the Tartu Street Art Exhibition opening in Tartu which will be postponed to 2021.

FRI | 12.06

19:00 SLÄP! international sticker exhibition - virtual opening event via Stencibility Instagram

SAT | 13 - 21.06

- SLÄP! mobile sticker exhibition is open and will make stops in various locations in Tartu (entrance for 1 person at a time)

SAT | 13 - 21.06

- The artists of the festival are painting in various locations in Tartu (the locations are kept as a secret until the end of the festival to respect the privacy of the anonymous artists)

THU | 18.06

- Tartu Street Art Auction (limited tickets on spot/online)

MON | 21.06

- Concluding virtual tour of the festival via Stencibility Instagram